2021 Game Schedule

We would like to thank our Pop Warner family for their kindness and patience this year. Our volunteers have worked hard to bring us a regular tackle football and cheer season in spite of the challenges caused by COVID restrictions, dry fields, smoky air and limited referee availability. We assure you every attempt was made to limit travel and schedule siblings in the same area every week, unfortunately some scheduling conflicts were unavoidable. 

Please be mindful of parking instructions, gate fees and COVID restrictions to assure facilities remain available to our kids for the full season. We look forward to seeing you all and enjoying a great year of tackle football and cheer together!


At Klamath County Pop Warner we strive to make football and cheer available to all kids who wish to participate. We do everything in our power to keep entry fees as low as possible and to provide scholarships for those in need. If you are able, please consider sponsoring a player or team this year.

Raffle Tickets

We would like to congratulate our 2021 raffle ticket winners and thank you all for purchasing raffle tickets to support our league!

Raffle Ticket


Traeger Gril : Mike Leach

Weatherby Rifle: Kim Ishida

Stoeger Shotgun:Jayson Bennett

Diamond Earrings: Tony Pena

Pelican Cooler: Rebecca Jarvis

Traeger Grill

Silver and Diamond EarringsBolt action rifleCamo ShotgunPelican Cooler